That perfect 🎁 gift

Are you looking for that perfect 💝 gift for that special someone?  There are hundreds of oils to choose from. Here are some options: Set up their account with the Basic kit for $35.00 and they get two great oils and samples of other products in addition to the power of selecting other oils and products … Continue reading That perfect 🎁 gift

Thanksgiving dishes…

Now that the feasting has ended who is going to clean all those dishes? That lucky 'dishwasher' is going to absorb, through the skin and lungs, all of those good and bad chemicals that make up the dish soap. Make sure your beloved 'dishwasher' is using the best. Use Thieves Household Cleaner or Thieves Dish … Continue reading Thanksgiving dishes…

Are essential oils unsafe for pets?

There are a lot of memes and posts claiming that essential oils are unsafe for pets. 🐈🦜🐩 The question you have to ask is: are your essential oils from the best source? If your essential oils are guaranteed to have never been in contact with pesticides and other toxic chemicals starting from seed selection all … Continue reading Are essential oils unsafe for pets?

What is the D. Gary Young Foundation?

When I first thought about writing a post regarding this worthy Foundation I did not realize how large an undertaking this would be.  I could never do justice to such a Foundation.  The main thing that has stuck in my mind about the Foundation is that Young Living completely covers the Foundation's Administrative costs to … Continue reading What is the D. Gary Young Foundation?

Deer Hunter

Are you looking for an effective cover scent spray?  Why not blend in naturally with the hunting environment?  Click the image to read about the properties of Cedarwood.  While you are on that page click on ‘shop’ and look at all of the Single oil and Oil Blend options available to you.  To get the … Continue reading Deer Hunter

Give the Gift of Membership

You have that special friend who is really hard to buy for.  Why not give that friend the gift that can last a life time?  Young Living has many Membership Kit options but did you know they have a Basic Starter Kit for only $35.  Young Living Membership is a one time purchase.  Your friend’s … Continue reading Give the Gift of Membership

Why I chose Young Living

Young Living is dedicated to perfecting every detail of the growth of the plants and processing of the essential oils thereby crafting the best oils in the world. The essential oils fingerprint is the constituent properties of the plant. Many companies focus on the smell of the oil, spray their fields, use higher temperatures and … Continue reading Why I chose Young Living