Welcome Home Special πŸ‘



This week ONLY, when you order a Welcome Home Kit 🏑 as a new member you will receive a free Dewdrop Diffuser! This diffuser is $63.75 wholesale and you get it for FREE! I did the math on the entire kit, and if you were to buy it separately, it would come to over $220! It would retail for over $300! Crazyyyyy deal!

This starts June 24 at 1pm CT until June 30 or while supplies last for new members only!

Item No 26640 | $125

What’s in the Welcome Home Kit?
β€’ 5mL Frankincense
β€’ 5mL Lavender
β€’ 5mL Peppermint
β€’ 5mL Valor
β€’ 15mL Grapefruit
β€’ 15mL Lemon
β€’ 15mL Lime
β€’ 15mL Tangerine
β€’ FREE Wooden Vitality oil rack
β€’ FREE Dewdrop Diffuser

How many of you are super excited about this? Click this image to place your order now, while supplies last! πŸ’ƒπŸ»β€οΈ (click on image and then click on the Other Premium Kits tab to find the Welcome Home kit.)

Click on this image to place your order now!
Order the Welcome Home Kit and say YES to ER when placing your order and you will receive a 15 ml Citronella for FREE! Order now while supplies last! 0

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