That perfect 🎁 gift

Are you looking for that perfect 💝 gift for that special someone?  There are hundreds of oils to choose from. Here are some options:

  • Set up their account with the Basic kit for $35.00 and they get two great oils and samples of other products in addition to the power of selecting other oils and products they want to purchase each month.
  • Surprise that special someone with two or three different oils each year by purchasing them a basic membership account and adding a two new oils to the cart each year. (You would control the account)
  • Create an Oils of the Month gift by selecting two oils each month to send to your special someone. Send the basic kit and each month send two new oils or products to them..
  • Send them the Premium Kit with 12 oils and a diffuser – give the ultimate show of love and care.

Because this is a gift that keeps on giving you will never have to agonize over what to give again. 🎁

Click on this image to begin 🛍 shopping for the perfect 💝 gift.

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